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Get Ready for GRILL SEASON!

The snow is melting and we are seeing warmer days.  Now is a great time to prepare for the summer months.  Whether you need a new pellet grill or designing an outdoor living space, Now is a great time to go to FREDERICKSON STOVE SHOP for all your pellet grill and outdoor furniture needs!

Cozy Indoor Living by Frederickson Stove Shop!

Frederickson Stove Shop is a quaint, cozy showroom located in picturesque North Scituate.  We offer an extensive line of Harman, and Regency brand pellets stove Outdoor Fire Pits, Outdoor Furniture, Pellet and Gas Grills, and a large selection of pellet and gas stove accessories.  We stock Vermont Wood Pellets by the bag or ton.  Come visit our stove shop for all your heating and grilling needs.

Wood Pellet Grills

Outdoor Grilling

Fire Tables and Pits

Outdoor Living

Hardwood Pellets for Pellet Stoves

Heating Pellets

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